Why You Need Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, especially as we grow older. It helps your body take calcium from the blood and use it to produce and repair bone and muscle tissues. It also helps your body regulate calcium levels in the blood.

Other health benefits include the following:

  • Helps the immune system thru the immune cells’ receptors that can synthesize the active Vitamin D metabolite or hormone.
  • Helps the parathyroid gland, which regulates the amount of calcium in the blood.
  • Helps in the communication between the intestines, kidneys, and skeleton so that your calcium levels are appropriate. If you have enough calcium in your blood, this vitamin will help your body use that calcium to form and strengthen your bones.

Modern research has been revealing many other health problems that proper Vitamin D levels can help protect against. These are:

  • Rickets. This is a childhood condition in which bone tissue never mineralizes properly, and the bones become soft and deformed.
  • Increased autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis. If you have enough of this vitamin in your blood, your immune system will work as designed to keep you from coming down with infections or autoimmune disorders.
  • Weakening of the bones. If you don’t have enough calcium, or if the Vitamin D levels are low, the parathyroid gland “borrows” it from the skeleton.

In the next post, we will be dealing with the “Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency“.

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Why You Need Vitamin D

Part 1 of Vitamin D Deficient Series
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