Using Essential Oils to Boost Your Immune System

Did you know that essential oils have been used for hundreds of years for disinfection and healing? Well, they have, and the reason is that essential oil is an aromatic chemically active compound derived from plants.

Most people think that essential oils are just for pampering. There are products that you add to your bathwater, household cleaning products made from essential oils, and candles to name a few.

There has been a great deal of research into essential oils and the conclusion to date is that they have immune-boosting characteristics. A lot of people use them in winter when the cold and flu season is at its height and swear that this helps.

The purpose of essential oils is to protect the plants that they originated from. So it is not too much of a surprise that they can benefit our immune systems as well. A lot of essential oils will bolster your immune system’s response to eliminating the antigens and bacteria that cause diseases. Here are some of their immune-boosting properties:

  • Antiviral
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiseptic
  • Antifungal

There are other benefits to using essential oils as well. You can sleep better by using lavender essential oil. To relieve anxiety and stress you can use jasmine. Here are the best essential oils that you should use to boost your immune system:

#1 Frankincense

You probably heard about this at school when you were learning about the birth of Jesus and the three wise men bearing gifts. Frankincense is an extract from the Boswellia tree which is well known across the world for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Using Essential Oils to Boost Your Immune System

Frankincense is able to fight inflammation due to four acids from the tree that help many inflammatory pathways. The most powerful of these acids is AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid).

Different scientific studies have discovered a direct link between the ability of frankincense to reduce inflammation and a stronger immune system. When you use it topically, frankincense will give your immune system a boost and reduce inflammation. It also provides faster healing and tissue remodeling.

Frankincense also contains strong antioxidants to quell free radicals and protects your immune system from a poor diet, industrial toxins, and environmental pollutants. It is an amazing essential oil.

#2 Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has been used for a very long time as a decongestant and is found in a lot of cold and flu remedies. It contains a compound called 18-cineole which has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

In a study that was published in the Clinical Microbiology and Infection journal, it was discovered that eucalyptus provided different antibacterial effects on a number of infectious bacteria in the respiratory tract. This included strains that caused strep.

Other studies reported that merely inhaling eucalyptus fights bacteria that cause Staphylococcus aureus and tuberculosis. Eucalyptus can also stimulate your innate immune system by enhancing the phagocytic responsiveness to pathogens.

#3 Oregano

You have probably heard of Oregano before because it is widely used in Mexican and Italian cooking. But it also has powerful antibacterial characteristics due to the high levels of two active compounds it contains which are thymol and carvacrol. These will kill bacterial cells because they make the membranes more permeable. Harmful bacteria are compromised when this happens and they will leak critical molecules for their survival. Tests have shown Oregano oil killing E. coli, Salmonella, and a number of Staphylococcus bug types.

In a 2017 study, it was found that Oregano essential oil has very good antioxidant properties as well which help to boost the immune system. Oregano will also inhibit several viruses including norovirus, anti-biotic resistant herpes, a number of respiratory viruses, and the rotavirus.

#4 Thyme

Thyme is rich in thymol like Oregano. This can help to reduce coughing symptoms that are associated with a number of respiratory infections. A study combined Thyme with Ivy and found that this reduced more than 68% of coughing among people that had acute bronchitis.

Using Essential Oils to Boost Your Immune System

But Thyme does more than just relieve symptoms. Thyme essential oil produces a high level of non-specific immune and antimicrobial activity. Studies have shown it to be effective against a range of bacteria, including treatment-resistant strains such as MRSA.

Use the Power of Essential Oils to Boost your Immune System

We have highlighted the best four essential oils for boosting your immune system in this blog post. They can help to bolster your immune system both directly and indirectly. So we strongly recommend that you make essential oils part of your everyday life so that you can strengthen your immune system.

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Using Essential Oils to Boost Your Immune System

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