Use the Middle Path

The extremes are disastrous if you want to strike perfect balances in your life. Thinking about extremes can keep you in perpetual stressful states.

Using the Middle Path

One very important thing that you must bear in mind if you want to keep the stress away is to refrain yourself from falling into very drastic ways of thinking. There are always two distaff sides to anything. If you start thinking on the lines of any one of these extremes, you are making things very difficult for yourself.

For instance, it is not at all good to think very highly about yourself. It makes you egotistic and you begin to look down upon others. This is an extreme that you should avoid at all costs. However, the other extreme of this is very dangerous too. And that extreme is thinking too lowly about yourself. This is also quite wrong because when you think very low about yourself, you develop extreme inferiority complexes which again keep you away from progressing.

The right approach would be to tread on the middle path. Don’t think entirely this way or that. There is always a balance that you need to strike, even when it comes to your way of thinking.

This also makes you a wholesome individual. When you think in just one way, you are quite incapable of thinking the other way. You are shutting out your mind to all those possibilities. But if you keep your mind open and keep thinking in a balanced manner, you can be more complete in your way of thinking. It makes you a more perfectly balanced individual because you are not shunting out any of the possibilities from your mind.

When you think in a very extreme manner, things sometimes happen totally differently, in an exactly opposite manner of what you thought. When that happens, you get considerably stressed, because you didn’t expect things to happen in that way. However, if you don’t resort to extremes, if you walk the middle path, you will be ready for anything. The stress becomes minimized.

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Use the Middle Path

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