The Standards of Looking Great

We never knew how other people perceive us by the looks. In the utmost, this can breed self-consciousness, or it can produce cockiness — neither of these two passes much appreciation. Here’s a quick and simple guide on the standards of looking great.

Think about it: in the abstract sense, looks make a significant impact on a person’s outlook in life, higher than they would like to admit. What harm it does if people genuinely perceive a person as looking great?

This ethics all divert itself to the misconception that looks are shallow. It teaches us that beauty is only skin deep — all true, genuine, but only to an expanse. “Looking great” and being beautiful are two distinct concepts, as beauty is mostly subjective, in a way.

Looking great is just a matter of culture and place. One will consider a man as affluent or at least employed when he is in a business suit, in our times. He does not have to be facially good-looking. This analogy of the business suit features out an undeniable human competent: the instant interpretation of our surroundings. This analogy is neither shallow nor avoidable. It is just what it is.

Since the term “looking great” lends itself some vagueness, there exists a general standard. It needs to entail confidence, unpretentious, undiluted, and being relaxed in your environment.

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External Tools to boost Self Confidence

Here are some of the tools, which may be useful for anybody seeking to build confidence through external physical improvements:

#1 Tongue scrapers. This little device proves to be invaluable. It fights offensive breath in the best possible way. It can scrape the surface of the tongue deep up to the opening of the throat. Nothing kills confidence worse than bad breath. It sneaks without warning even after a thorough brushing. Pearly-white teeth aren’t worth two cents if nobody wants to be around your open mouth.

The tongue (not the teeth or gums) is a hot spot for offensive breath. Having an odorous breath is more tied to the common sense of good taste than it is of cultures. Have you already heard this saying, “poop smells like poop, no matter where you’re from”? Well, some cultures may seem more tolerant toward the principle, but surely they must not prefer it.

#2 Baggy clothes. This falls into what I termed as the “half-baked (semi-subjective, semi-truth)” category of “looking great” because of the primary reason that they only do less to accentuate the wearer’s stems from their design. They sag and distort the wearer. Unless an artistic statement, baggy clothes plainly just do not work.

This “half-baked” category holds the same for make-up. It does not accentuate natural features. It only serves a little purpose. Ask yourself what is more impressive: natural or unnatural looks? Yes, the latter is acceptable and commonplace, but doubtless, does it ever trump the natural?

This “half-baked” category leads to our conclusion. Accentuate and complement your natural features/looks. This principle makes perfect sense, especially if you wish to display confidence in yourself. Hygiene is a universal custom, and the tongue scraper served as an analogy.

Final Thought

The recent discussion in this article highlights a significant touchstone in looking great, which is to look good and feel good according to what is “You.” Do not overdo it. In a universe comprised of interpretation, there is no more significant misinterpretation than in misinterpreting your very sense of true self. So be happy with who you are, and show it in the best possible way.

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The Standards of Looking Great

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