The Science of Healthy Skin and Organic Beauty

The Science of Organic Beauty – Why Are Some Things Considered Beautiful?

Have you asked yourself why some things are considered ‘attractive,’ while others are off-putting? What is it about clear and healthy skin that makes someone appear like a better person? Lastly, how can understanding the science behind this attraction help us be more effective at improving our looks?

This post will explore those concepts.

Development and Looks

The key to understanding this seemingly arbitrary set of rules that define attractiveness is to understand the role that development played in creating them.

The development we see seems to be about the “survival of the fittest” concept. It’s like the traits that help us stay alive longer and be able to pass on our genes to the next generation while becoming more dominant along the way. This happens to be true for our ‘tastes’ when it comes to the opposite sex, as well. People who choose ‘better’ partners are more likely to pass their genes more effectively.

In other words, our desires and tastes in men or women are dictated by the signals that suggest a higher chance of survival. We pick people who look healthy, who seem to be resourceful, compelling, and essential. We believe that our children will be better cared for and will inherit more of those positive traits if we do it that way.

What Does Skin Have to do With It?

Where does healthy skin come in, then?

For starters, healthy skin suggests a proper diet, better health, and access to resources that will benefit offspring. It also suggests the right balance of hormones, which might, in turn, suggest more fertility and masculinity.

Healthy skin makes us look more symmetrical. Why is symmetry important? This part isn’t clear, but there is a theory that says, “balance implies good cell division.” The cells in our body replicate by splitting each in half to form two exact copies. This process is called mitosis, which occurs a million times a day.

The problem is that this process doesn’t always go entirely smooth. A small error sometimes creeps into the process, leaving the cells non-identical. Usually, this isn’t that big deal, but the worst-case scenario is it can cause damage to integral parts of the DNA. This is where cancer starts. Cancerous cells then spread because they continue to split and reproduce, and as a result, the ‘flaw’ in that cell is replicated throughout the body.

Organic Beauty = True Beauty

There are many more examples, but primarily, beauty and health are very closely linked. And this is why organic beauty is the purest form of beauty. Organic beauty means making yourself healthier first so that your natural beauty shines through.

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