Seven Organic Garden Watering Tips

In the previous blog post, we talked about the container or urban gardening for those of your who don’t have space for a traditional garden.

As watering is essential to growing plants, here are seven (7) organic watering tips and tricks you can use in your garden.

  1. In general, thinner leaved plants need more water to stay healthy, while thicker leaved plants shade the soil and require less watering because they reduce the amount of evaporation.
  2. You can make a compost “tea” by mixing equal parts of compost and water. Let it steep until it’s a nice brown color then pour this directly onto the soil around your healthy plants. For smaller seedlings, dilute the “tea” by using four parts of water to one part compost. Any compost that doesn’t go into solution easily can be used to make another batch of “tea” or simply spread on the garden.
  3. Water in the morning rather than the evening. This way the water will evaporate off the leaves of your plants, making them less likely to develop fungal diseases like powdery mildew.
  4. The best way to water is to have a soaker hose that slowly drips water along with the roots of your plants rather than sprinkling or spraying with a hose. This way the leaves never have to dry out and you’re less likely to have fungal diseases.
  5. Reuse water for your garden. Whenever you cook veggies, use the leftover water (unless you’ve added a lot of salt that is) to water your garden with. If you’ve got a rain barrel, wash off your fruits and vegetables over that to keep the soil nutrients on your garden.
  6. If you water with a sprinkler, set out a kitchen measuring cup in the middle of the sprinkler’s range to be sure your garden gets one inch of water.
  7. Allow the dirt around your plants to dry out between waterings instead of keeping it moist. This will encourage your plants to grow healthier, deeper root systems.

There you go, our seven (7) organic watering tips and tricks you can immediately apply to your garden.

organic garden watering tips - pest control

Next, we’ll take a look at some organic pest control methods for deer, birds, and insects.

Until then…

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Seven Organic Garden Watering Tips

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