Prioritize Things to Avoid Stress

If you always keep in mind that Wednesday precedes Thursday, you will be fine.

Prioritize Things

A lot of our problems can be solved only if we would learn how to prioritize things. Our lives aren’t simple, linear things. There are various intersections, crossroads, junctions, and forks as we travel on the path called life. There will be various places where we will have to choose between two or sometimes several options. We will have to decide what we must do in precedence to others. There will be moral, social, familial, and personal dilemmas and we will be torn by different emotions at the same time, making it quite difficult for us to choose what to do first.

The first important step for you to realize in such circumstances is that you are just one individual; it is impossible for you to do several things simultaneously. You might be able to multitask a bit, but you cannot do it with a lot of tasks at once and you certainly cannot do it all the time.

This is where you need to prioritize. When you realize that you aren’t physically or mentally capable of doing everything that life sets up in your platter, you will be happier and much more at ease with the fact that you have to do things on a priority basis.

Think of a very common example. You have an urgent work deadline to meet and your family needs you for a dinner. Such situations present themselves all the time. What do you do? You will have to let one of these go in favor of the other. What you choose remains your personal decision. But when you have decided in advance which one of these you will pursue, the failure of the other doesn’t bring a lot of stress on you afterward.

One way to decide on prioritizing things is to see if you can strike compromises with either of them. In the above example, you might try calling up your boss and ask for an extension, or you might speak with your family and ask if the date could be postponed. In most circumstances, such compromise adjustments work. They keep you and everyone involved happier – everyone likes a spot of frankness in their lives – and, most importantly, free from stress.

So, next time such a situation presents itself in front of you, don’t panic. Think about how you can prioritize and work everything into your schedule. If you cannot do that despite your best attempts, do the things that you should really do and those which won’t give you the opportunity again. Choose the things that will have the most positive benefits on you and your dear ones’ lives. This way you will almost always be making the right decisions in life.

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Prioritize Things to Avoid Stress

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