Pest Control Tips in Organic Gardening

After our “seven watering tips“, we’ll now take a quick look at a few additional ways you can manage pest control and protect your garden.

Here are the top 6 tips:

1. You can attract beneficial ladybugs to your garden by planting parsley, dill, and fennel. These are nectar-producing plants that the ladybugs are drawn to. They, in turn, will protect your garden from harmful insects like aphids.

2. Bats are also great natural pest control. In North America, most of them eat insects. They’ll consume more than birds and your bug zapper combined. Encourage them to hang around by putting up a bat box.

3. Additional flowers to plant around your garden include a bachelor’s button, cleome, cosmos, black-eyed Susan, daisy, marigold, nasturtium, purple coneflower, salvia, sunflower, yarrow, and zinnia. Create an eye-catching display while bringing in the helpful bug brigade.

4. Collect hair clippings or hairs from your brushes and sprinkle these around your garden. Deer and rabbits are repelled by your scent and will usually look for somewhere else to find free veggies.

5. Another thing to sprinkle is cayenne pepper. Use it generously on the leaves of the plant and the soil around it. This keeps the wildlife from chowing down on your tender vegetables.

6. And if you find a sick plant in your garden, dispose of it immediately. Take it far away from your beds and don’t use any of its parts in the compost heap. Rake up every bit of what might be diseased leaves and stem bits and clean the garden thoroughly.

That’s it. Until then…

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Pest Control Tips in Organic Gardening

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