Office Attire: A Quick Guide for Women

The new millennium working woman must not only find a way to get ahead of her male and female counterparts at other companies but also within her place of employment because the work world now is more competitive than ever. This concept boils down to the question, “What should be the office attire of a woman?”

Though knowledge, skill, and the ability to handle corporate politics are instrumental, one’s image and appearance are also critical factors in moving up the corporate ladder. This includes the way women dress up and present themselves at the office.

Dressing for Work

Dressing for work is one way to project a professional, competent image, regardless of your position or career. The colors, lengths, styles, and fit of your fashion choices speak extents about your ability to do your job well. Cloth colors can include red, gray, black, and navy. Most of these colors are accessible in various forms, such as skirts and pantsuits. Also, you can have some gentle colors like lilac, soft pink, and ice blue. Remember, never experiment with wild colors and prints. They will make you look odd in the office, especially with some fluorescent ones.

black dress

Black dress is the best companion of an office-going woman since it fits both a typical office day or a high-profile meeting. It can be a fashion statement yet very professional. Likewise, it is widely accepted across all walks of life. Black dresses with up to knee length are just perfect.


Don’t go for heavy jewelry. It’s an eyesore and distracts others. Try and stick to small but still cute-looking ones. Similarly, with your bags, choose a pack that best suits your purpose. Don’t go for some glittery color. Stick to the basics. As a rule of thumb, the more distracting a piece of clothing or jewelry is, the less appropriate it is for the office attire.


Note: dressing for your office doesn’t mean leaving your style behind. Try to find out which of your methods go in sync with a professional look and which can be your career killer. Don’t try to be too sensual, too casual, or too sloppy. Try to look professional. Observe what your female boss wear. That will provide you with a hint on what to wear.

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Office Attire: A Quick Guide for Women

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