Learn to Say NO

When we stuff too much into our mouths, we are quite unable to chew it and it is very likely we will spit it out and waste the food for everyone else too.

Biting Only as Much as You Can Chew

A lot of stress in the 21st century – workplace stress mostly – comes from the fact that people are over-committing themselves. They are taking upon themselves things that they know they cannot realistically do. Probably it is greed or the need to prove something to someone or even just to themselves, but the fact is that people are taking more upon themselves than they can handle.

Many people do it because they are lured by the chance to earn more money. Some take more than they can manage just because they want to show in their workplace that they are better than their colleagues. Some do it because it panders to their ego to know that they can break limits and set records.

But, in most cases, over-committing has serious negative repercussions. Even if you can manage the quantum of work you have taken within the unrealistic timeframe that it is assigned for, there are some negative things that can happen.

Let us take a look at what can happen when you try to bite more than what you can possibly chew.

  • The first thing is that you might not be able to manage the task on time. Everything works on a strict deadline in the 21st century and you have to learn to respect that. If you aren’t able to churn out results within the stipulated timeframe, money is not the only thing you may lose. You may also lose a potential client and future business.
  • Even if you manage the work in time, its quality might not be as good as you wanted it to be. This could put a question mark over your credibility.
  • Also, there is the domino effect that you have to be worried about. One disgruntled client can carry the message to several other potential clients and you might lose a lot of business that could have come your way. With the help of the Internet, it is quite easy to post a negative review about someone and let the whole world know about their “unprofessionalism”.
  • The stress that this can create is almost indescribable. People are known to go crazy just before a deadline, and the more important the client is, the more profound is the stress. What is the use if you can manage the project in time if you are not able to get up for two weeks after its completion?

Learn to say “no”. It is a very important word if you are trying to keep yourself away from stress. It really helps if you are realistic about your capabilities and take up only as much as you can handle.

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