How to Deal with Vegan Protein Question

“How in the world would you get enough protein, or shall we say vegan protein, if you don’t eat meat?” –> This is probably one of the most dreaded questions for most vegans out there.

For some reason, the rest of the world seems to forget that there are such things as plant proteins. While they may at times seem to build more lean muscle, some bodybuilders succeed on a vegan diet and look just as ripped as bodybuilders who swear by eating a ton of meat.

If you are a vegan, there are hundreds of options for you to get protein. There are recommended dosages of fruits and vegetables, and even some protein powders that can be incorporated easily into your diet daily.

However, a lot of people assume in advance that vegans are arrogant and moralistic, and look down on anyone who doesn’t understand or follow their vegan lifestyle. So rather than meeting this question with annoyance, it can be helpful to try to maintain a patient and practical approach to people who are trying to understand the way you live. Maybe they have considered a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle for themselves but don’t see how it is possible. If that is the case, then meeting their innocent inquiries with hostility can dampen their spirits.

If somebody comes up and asks you how you get enough protein on a vegan diet, you can either be vague and say that you take supplements or eat the proper fruits or vegetables, or go into great detail. Soy protein is an option for vegans. Tofu, leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach, and several other leafy greens can provide a regular source of protein to our bodies.

More people are afraid of the things that they don’t understand. With that, it can be tough for them to wrap their heads around new ideas. This protein question is not an exception. It is one that can be easily achieved with patience though it can be frustrating at times to meet the same questions over and over again. A lot of the time it is asked out of genuine concern. How can you possibly be healthy, not eating meat?

We are programmed very early on to believe that meat is the best thing for us. We are promised to grow big and strong if we eat what is given to us without question. So if someone is asking you how you get your protein, sometimes what they are asking is, “how can I be sure that someone I care about, is as healthy as he should be, based on this unconventional diet choice?”

If you meet the protein question with that attitude in mind, it may make it less frustrating to hear it regularly. But if it still annoys you, another option is pasting on a smile and telling the person asking that your health is your concern, and you are doing everything you need to do to maintain it. That might be good enough.

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How to Deal with Vegan Protein Question

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