Don’t Let the Situation Control You

Every situation can be controlled. You just need to hold the right strings.

Control the Situation; Don’t Let the Situation Control You

Many a time, we let situations slip out of our clumsy hands and that is when they begin to control us like puppets. Think about this example. You have to complete an assignment in three days. It is not a very big deal; you can easily manage it within the timeframe. But you get complacent just because of this fact and let the first day pass by without a muster. No work is done. You lose half of the next day too. Now you have just one day to complete the assignment. You had three days when you started out. You let the situation control you. If instead, you would have taken stock of the situation, you could have done much better at managing the whole thing, wouldn’t you?

This is just one example, in the realm of our workplace. But we let this happen everywhere, in every aspect of our lives. Suppose your child spills something at the breakfast table. You scold the child. The child becomes grumpy and doesn’t speak with you. Your spouse is angry because you scolded the child. You come to work with that baggage on your mind and, understandably, you don’t produce well. You return home and everyone is still grumpy. The grumpiness continues for a week.

Instead, if you had handled the situation more delicately, everything would have been just fine. Your personal life often spills out into your professional life, however much you don’t want it to happen. Hence, handling situations delicately helps you in enriching your overall quality of life. You live better, without stress.

Next time you are going to get angry at something, or are going to let some unwanted emotion get the better of you, just keep in mind that you are letting your circumstances control you. We are not made to be ruled like puppets by the situations in our lives. The Almighty has made us strong enough to rationalize and think what’s best for us. We must learn to handle situations in ways that they don’t become our rulers. A lot of stress can be kept away by doing that.

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Don’t Let the Situation Control You

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