Container Gardening in an Organic Garden

In our previous blog post, we talked about some tips and tricks for your organic garden, like watering tips and getting rid of garden pests.

Today, we’ll look into a more urban garden and see what we can do to make container gardening easier.

1. If you’re making a container garden and have large pots or containers, fill the bottom of them with foam packing peanuts. This will help the drainage in each container and will also make them far lighter to lug around.

2. Place a large coffee filter in the bottom of a pot so the dirt doesn’t sift out of the drainage holes.

container gardening - coffee filter

3. If you want to retain moisture in a container, try placing a clean, opened diaper at the bottom of the pot, then fill it with potting soil and plant your crop on top.

4. Think outside of the box too – you can use pretty much any sort of container for your garden crops. Just be sure there’s adequate drainage.

5. Use chopsticks as dibbers to plant your seeds. Especially if your soil is chilly, wet, or heavy, a chopstick makes a great dibber.

Just use either end to ensure your seeds are planted at the proper depth.

They also make great temporary stakes for tender stalks and are good for making sure your plants are far enough apart.

container gardening - empty plastic soda bottle

6. Poke holes in an empty plastic soda bottle and plant it in your container next to the veggies. Leave the opening above ground so you can add water and have your own mini soaker system.

That’s it for container gardening tips. In our next post, we’re going to talk more about garden pests and watering in an organic garden setup.

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Container Gardening in an Organic Garden

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