5 Steps To Grow Your Own Organic Garden

Are you interested in learning how to grow your own garden naturally?

Organic garden simply means gardening without using man-made chemicals. If you’ve decided to join the other 21 million organic gardeners growing their own food this year, you’ll want a few tips and tricks for that garden.

Here are the 5 steps:

1. Your compost will need time to stabilize the soil.

Spread that around two to three weeks before you actually plant your garden so it will give you the most nutrition for your young plants.

Remember to mix it in well so your soil isn’t too sandy or too clumped-up.

As an alternative, you can mix it with vermicompost.

2. Soak your seeds in warm water the day before you plant them. This will encourage them to sprout earlier and give them a good head start.

3. Pre-sprout your seeds also. Place a damp paper towel on a flat surface like a cookie sheet. Then make a little sprout-packet by folding the towel over the top of the seeds: start with the right and left a third of the towel, pat the seeds down to make sure all of them get enough moisture, then fold the top and bottom thirds of the towel over those to make your packet.

If you’re sprouting different types of plants, use a new towel for each type of seed.

Put your damp seed packet inside an open plastic bag (leave it open so they get enough air) and check the towel daily to make sure it’s moist enough.

organic egg shell pot

4. You can also start your seeds in half of a (clean) eggshell or half of a citrus fruit rind.

Poke holes in the rind so the water will drain out. Fill with potting soil and plant one seed in each container, then when they’re large enough, plant the entire container in the garden. Voila: instant compost!

5. Cut off the top of a clear plastic soda bottle and out that overtop of any tender young seedlings that may need a mini greenhouse for a while.

As a bonus, you can request a copy of our “Organic Gardening Tips PDF“.

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5 Steps To Grow Your Own Organic Garden

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