3 Organic Foods That Can Transform Your Complexion

Organic beauty isn’t just about applying organic products to your skin. It also means looking after your health through organic and natural means such as taking organic foods for healthy skin complexion to ensure you look the very best version of yourself.

Here are three (3) natural ingredients that can work wonders in achieving organic beauty.

#1 Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain vitamin D, which is good for anti-aging. It has the effect of lengthening the so-called “telomeres” found on the ends of your cells. They serve as ‘caps’ on either end of the DNA. They’re there so that we can lose some of the ends of our DNA without affecting our health. Thus, we don’t start deteriorating until we reach a certain age. With that, we might be able to buy ourselves a little more time on the clock!

Vitamin D is also essential for regulating hormones and can help to ensure that we have the right anabolic hormones balance that helps repair and rebuilds tissues in our body. I guess, we already knew the effect of hormonal imbalance on our skin.

#2 Valerian Root For a Vibrant Complexion

Valerian root is a natural muscle relaxant that is famous as a sleeping aid. Though there’s some evidence that supports its effectiveness, still make sure that you combine it with the right routine before you turn in for the night.

So what does this have to do with our skin? — Pretty much everything! When we sleep, our body goes about repairing and healing all the damages acquired during the day, including any damage to our skin. We all know that we get eye bags whenever we don’t get enough sleep. And in the long run, this can have even more devastating effects.

#3 Fish For Amazing Benefits Across the Board

If you want to improve your health in a myriad of ways, then it would be best to eat more fish. Aside from being a fantastic source of lean protein (which is what our skin is made), it is also the best source of omega 3 fatty acids (oily fish in particular). Whether you go for a krill, a salmon or a tuna, it doesn’t matter. You’ll get omega 3 either way. This will help to make your skin more supple and flexible by increasing your cell membrane permeability.

Better yet, omega 3 appears to increase the production of telomerase – an enzyme that can increase the length of your telomeres. This is why researchers have found those with omega 3 indexes of less than four (4) percentage quicker than those with higher scores.

There you go. Dont forget to eat organic foods for a healthy skin complexion!

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3 Organic Foods That Can Transform Your Complexion

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